Intro To Ace Bowers

I am about to release my memoir. It focuses on a 5 year period in my life. On day 1 of my journey, I was working as a janitor. Literally cleaning toilets and earning a $6.00 per hour, minimum wage. I was $10,000 dollars in debt, overweight, a heavy smoker, and battling depression. At the end of my 5 year journey, I had lost 85 pounds, quit smoking, overcame depression, and got myself out of debt. I also built a successful career as a senior level manager in the tech industry, with no college degree. My book is about more than just weight loss, quitting smoking, and becoming successful. In my book, I take you with me on my life transforming journey and show you exactly how I was able to accomplish all of those things in only 5 years. I also touch on my childhood and what it was like to grow up in a poor, low class, blue collar family right in the heart of wealthy Silicon Valley.

I plan to use this blog as a dynamic way to engage with my readers. I will try to post an update once every week. My posts will be my views, opinions, advice, and personal stories on growth, success, inspiration, and life. I will also blog about events in my life and topics that I think you might find interesting.

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