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What are some of the most difficult things to accomplish that people struggle with – Losing weight? Quitting smoking? Career growth? Building wealth? I think most people struggle with at least one, if not most of these. I accomplished all of them in only 5 years. I want to give you some advice on how to achieve these, or any other goals you have. Accomplishing your goals will boil down to three key factors: Finding motivation, creating dynamic goals, and setting up a system to implement.


Finding motivation

The worst spot to be is in a place where you truly believe you are motivated and inspired to succeed but you are not succeeding. This is because you haven’t found your true motivation yet. You may think you have but you haven’t. What you think is your motivation might not be the right thing to light the fire inside of you. Your motivation can be dynamic, that’s ok. If you aren’t seeing real results using what you thought was your motivation, don’t be afraid to try something else as your motivation.


Some of us can even draw inspiration and motivation from a significant life changing moment. In this regard, I think everyone has life changing moments but only some of us are open enough to recognize them. They are not always big and boisterous like marriage, birth, or death. Sometimes they are quiet, small, and seemingly unimportant on the surface but can be equally as powerful.


You must be open minded and receptive. This will allow you to feel inspired from things, events, and experiences you might not have even noticed otherwise. I’ll give you a personal example for me. When I was 22, at the lowest point in my life. I was thousands of dollars in debt, working as a janitor for $6 per hour, and had a baby on the way. My wife (girlfriend at the time) and I watched a movie called The Pursuit of Happiness.


In general, this movie had a profound impact on me but one scene in particular affected me greatly. It was the scene when the main character and his son are sleeping on the bathroom floor of the subway station and he was trying to keep the door closed with his foot, while holding his son. That scene hit me like a ton of bricks. It could have very easily been me very soon. Drive and ambition were inside of me all along but they just needed to be uncovered with inspiration and motivation. For me, it was my son and becoming a father.


Create dynamic goals  

You should create a main goal which is your long term goal and break that up into bite sized smaller goals. Each small goal accomplished is one step closer to completing your main goal and every time you accomplish a smaller goal, it’s concrete progress that you can actually see. Another benefit of this method is that it makes your goals manageable so you don’t feel overwhelmed and give up. In the tech world, we refer to this concept as agile development.

If you want massive growth, your long term goals should be dynamic. Each time you complete one of your main goals, you set new goals. Bigger and better each time. This is how people grow and achieve massive success both personally and professionally.


Set up a system to implement (and stick to it)

The system you set up will be your game plan as well as anything you need to put into place in order to make it happen. The system that you set up will depend on what your exact goals are. Breaking your main goal into bite sized pieces is part of your system. In addition to that, delayed gratification was part of my system. This applied to my weight loss, quitting smoking, saving money, and building wealth.


Another part of my system was the need to trick my own mind. If you haven’t read my blog about how I quit smoking, I encourage you to read it here. I talk a lot about the need to trick your own mind.


Throughout my journey, I learned there is something in our human nature that causes our mind to try and stop us or at the very least, give us resistance, just before reaching our goal. For example, If I am trying to do 10 push ups, once I reach 7 or 8 push ups, my mind will start to tell me I’m tired. But if my goals is 15 push ups, my mind won’t tell me I’m tired until I am approaching 15.


What I learned from that is to set your sights beyond your real goal. For example, if I want to lose 15 pounds, I will set my goal at 25 pounds because 15 pounds will come and go without a problem. The moral here is set your sights beyond your actual goal so if you fail, chances are you will still accomplish your real goal


One last thing I wanted to include for you is my credo: Work towards your goals in silence. I developed this credo during my 5 year journey. I am known for doing very big things in silence. What do I mean by this? I didn’t reach out or rely on a network of friends and colleagues. I didn’t talk about what I was doing to anyone. I believe that every time a goal is put into words it loses some passion. I didn’t want anyone’s advice or opinions about what I was doing. This was a solo journey for me and I made sure to keep it that way, for the same reason race horses have blinders on.


I even deactivated my facebook account and went completely dark on social media for years. I kept my nose to the grindstone. Comparing myself to the life of others would have just distracted me. I became a lone wolf. I also wanted to be able to look back and know that I accomplished everything on my own.


Having a network is good but putting your faith and future in their hands is not smart. You never know who really has your best interest at heart and I’ve seen how quickly success can make others spiteful. I never told anyone about my goals or what I was working towards. I was silent about my plans.


In my experience, those are the factors in which I found to be the critical components to achieving my success. Of course these need to work in conjunction with hard work and discipline, which there is no substitute for. If you’ve read all of my blogs, you will see that I have accomplished massive success in a wide range of areas in my life. Every goal I set for myself, I crushed it. The proof is in the pudding, so to speak.  I wanted to share these with you because they allowed me to accomplish such great things and my hope is that it will motivate and inspire you.

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