My Thoughts On Success

I’ve received more than a few questions on how I view success and what success means to me. So this week’s blog will be short and sweet, these are my thoughts on success…


Success is relative. We all have our initial idea of what success means to us. But somewhere along the way, we lose sight of what would truly make us feel successful and we start doing what would make us appear to be successful in other people’s eyes. So instead of doing what you know will make you feel successful in your heart and soul, you are now doing what you think will make you appear to be successful to other people.


The problem with this is that once this happens, whether you know it or not, your heart’s not in it anymore. You are also giving away total control of your success to other people. Your success now depends on how other people look at you, talk to you, and treat you. Even if you manage to accomplish those goals, you won’t FEEL successful because it was never for you, it was for them the entire time.


Look inside of yourself. Stop looking to colleagues, superiors, or anyone else for validation of your success. No one can else can validate your success because they don’t know what success means to you. Don’t let anyone impose their definition of success onto you and you must not impose your definition of success onto others. Achieve your own success and be content.