Survival Of The Fittest

When we hear the phrase “survival of the fittest”, it conjures up images of a prehistoric, strong, alpha male hunting beasts in the wild. However, It’s not the strongest, smartest, fastest, or most aggressive who will survive in today’s world. It’s actually the one’s who can most easily adapt to their environment. This is the true definition of the fittest.


Survival does not mean what it used to; literally surviving. In today’s world, survival means your ability to provide for yourself and your family. In other words, your career success. This means that the ones most willing to adapt are the most successful.  


It is especially true in the tech industry. Adapting means developing the skills, both technical and interpersonal, that will allow you to work well no matter what team or environment you are put in. It also means that as technology changes, you have to adapt to learn and implement new processes.


So no matter where you are, keep in mind that the better you are at adapting to your team and your environment, the greater your chances for success and survival !