New Year’s Resolutions

This is a very important time of year. It not only means starting a new year but also a new chapter in life. As I reflect on 2017 and look forward to 2018, I’m evaluating what went well and what didn’t go well for me in 2017. I’m reflecting on the mistakes that I made, what I learned from those mistakes, and what I can do differently in the future to avoid making those mistakes again.


As you plan your goals and make your new year’s resolutions, there are two main things to remember that will make your goals easier to achieve. The first is to remember the reason why you are setting the goal in the first place. Know your motivation for setting that goal and don’t forget it. It will help you stay motivated throughout the year. Many people set goals and after a few weeks into the new year, they lose sight of what it was that made them want to set that goal in the first place.


The second thing to remember is to make sure you are setting realistic goals and breaking them down into bite size pieces. Don’t set unrealistic goals for yourself. Set reasonable goals and develop your game plan to achieve those goals. Take your main goal and break it down into bite sized pieces. This will give you small accomplishments and confidence boosts along the way which will help keep you motivated to crush your main goal!


If you want some tips on how to set and crush big goals, check out the blog I wrote on how to achieve any goal you set for yourself. These are the tips and methods that I used to achieve my goals of losing 85 pounds, quitting smoking, and getting myself financially healthy: factors for success.