Honor In The Office

Some years ago, I had the chance to get a promotion in the company where I was working at the time. All I had to do was point out my colleague’s mistake.


We were partnering on a special project together and we knew whoever did better on this was the one who would get promoted. A few weeks in, he made a huge mistake. There it was. I had won. I could get the promotion (and much needed pay raise). All I had to do was throw him under the bus by pointing out the mistake he had made.


But I didn’t do it.


Trust me, I really wanted that promotion but I didn’t want it that way. It’s just not me. It’s not my style and it’s not the way I was raised. I wanted to get a promotion because I was awesome, not just because my competition had failed.


In the end, it all worked out like it was supposed to. Life has a funny way of doing that. The moral of my story is don’t worry about beating your colleagues. Don’t lift yourself up by pushing others down and never sacrifice your integrity for temporary gains. Titles, positions, and salaries don’t last. Character and honor does.


I know we all get caught up in our own success and that can easily lead to a temporary lapse in our morals and character, in order to achieve it. Instead, focus on making yourself awesome. Success tastes sweeter when you’ve earned it honorably.