Why I Am Not A Salesman

I’ll be honest here. I am not a cutthroat business man. Never have been and never want to be. In fact, I think the human element needs to come back to business. When I say human element, I don’t mean learning the latest tips and tricks on how to manipulate people into buying what you’re selling. I mean having compassion for people. Even strangers.


Maybe that’s the reason I never went into sales as my day job. How long do you think I would have lasted being such a compassionate person, caring about people’s feelings more than the bottom line? I could never knowingly take advantage of someone or manipulate them into buying something they didn’t really want or need. You either care about people or you care about your bottom line. Now I’m sure there are ways you can do both. Eliminating a sales quota would be one example. But then again, I’ve never done corporate sales, so what do I know?


My only sales experience was on my own. Pounding the pavement and knocking on doors. When I was on my way up and building my wealth, I had to hustle and sell things. I flipped cars and I sold insurance door to door. But at the end of the day, no matter how much I needed that money,  I knew there was always a bigger picture.


I was never that guy to do “whatever it takes” to close a deal.  I’d rather make $1 and everyone walks away feeling like they got a fair deal instead of making $2 and the other person feels like I aggressively bulldozed them, ripped them off, or didn’t care about their feelings.


Honestly, I don’t even need to know someone in order to care about them. I remember one time when I was flipping a car, I sold it not to the highest offer but to the second highest offer. $1,000 less to be exact. Because I could tell that they were a struggling family. A single mom with young kids.


This is the way I act in my personal life as well. I might be missing out on a few dollars here and there that I could put into my bank account if I wanted to be a jerk, not care about people, and only care about my own bottom line. But for me, it’s a small price to pay in order to be a good person, care about other people, and treat them well.