Drowning In Debt

When I was only 20 years old I was already $10,000 in debt and my credit score was 400.

Debt collectors would call me at all hours of the day. I would get calls at 2am. They would bully, threaten, and harass me. They tormented me on a daily basis.


When you’re 20 years old, that is honestly scary. We now have laws that prevent debt collectors from this type of behavior but this was back in 2006. Before the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act became a law in 2010. Back in 2006, they could do and say almost anything they wanted to, and believe me, they did. 


The worst part of the whole experience is that I knew I couldn’t pay off these debts. It was too overwhelming just trying to survive on a $6 an hour job, not to mention pay off $10,000 in debt. I eventually lost hope and buried my head in the sand.


Until the day I made a plan to break down my massive debts into bite sized pieces. I saved a little bit of money whenever I could and once I had enough to pay off one in full, I would pay it off right away. Then I would start saving to pay off the next one, and so on, until I paid off every single one.


After being bullied, harassed, and tormented on a daily basis by these people, everytime I paid one off, it felt great. Each debt paid in full was like a weight being lifted off of my shoulders. It lightened the burden on my mind and soul. Because it doesn’t matter how much money you have in the bank. The foundation of your financial health is your credit history and score.


This is just one example of how success and accomplishments don’t happen overnight. They happen slowly, one step at a time.