Why I Write

I have always been a very private person. But after giving it a lot of thought, I realized that my life, my journey, my story was better shared openly than kept inside. So last year, I made the decision to be open and share my story with the world.


There’s nothing special about where I am in my life but there is something special about the unconventional path that lead me here. That is the essence of what I always try to share with everyone through my writing.


When I made the decision to be public about my story, I really didn’t know how people would react. I was nervous about making my life an open book. I went back and forth in my mind if I should even start my blog. But when I wrote Benefits Of Childhood Hardships (here), I was amazed by the reactions and at how many people contacted me. I knew I had touched on something powerful that many people could relate to but just didn’t know how to put into words.


So why do I write? There’s two reasons. One is that since I have always been such a private person, it was almost therapeutic for me to be open with the world about my story and it allowed me to relive those moments and experiences in my life that I tried so hard to bury and keep hidden. Writing allows me (or forces me) to revisit those feelings and view them in a different light.


The second reason is my hope that there is someone out there who can got some sense of inspiration from my words. To feel like there’s hope. To see that not only is there light at the end of the tunnel, but that the light can actually be reached. That is why I write and that is why I will continue to write.