4th Of July

This 4th of July while we are BBQ’ing and and spending time with friends, let’s take a moment to think about all of the the people who fought and died to give us this freedom.


No matter what race or religion you are, if you live in this country, you owe them a thank you, a moment of silence, and your respect at the very least.


My family has fought in every war this country has ever had, going back to the revolutionary war, so it’s personal to me.


America is bigger than one president, one agenda, or a right vs. left spectrum. America means freedom. America means liberty. America means hope.


Only in America can someone like me go from being born into a poor family to becoming someone who owns real estate, invests in the stock market, and changed their socio-economic class through grit, mindset, and hard work. That is the American dream.


Only in America.


Let’s all take a moment today to think about what the spirit of America means to us.