Be the Wolf

What’s the long term goal for a wolf? To eat regularly and to be comfortable.


Not every wolf is smart enough to realize their true long term goal. Most can’t see past their short term needs of eating their next meal and surviving the day.

Survival of the fittest. What does that mean exactly? For the average wolf, it means being the biggest, strongest, fiercest wolf. Because being this alpha wolf means you will accomplish your immediate needs and have a meal today. If you see a human, it becomes your next meal.
When in fact the smartest wolf realized that instead of killing and eating that human today, if they befriended and obeyed the human, in the long term big picture, the wolf would be happy, healthy, and eat regularly.
In order to do that, the wolf had to look internally and understand two things, first what their long term goal truly was. And second, what was the quickest path to that goal. At some point in history, there was one wolf who realized that a mutually beneficial relationship with a human was the quickest path to its long term goal of being happy, healthy, and eating regularly.
Does this mean the wolf became weak by not eating the human? No. This means the wolf adapted itself in order to survive for the long term. This is the very definition of “survival of the fittest”.  All it took was one wolf to see past their immediate needs in order to see the bigger picture clearly.

This wolf sacrificed their short term need of attacking humans for a meal today, in exchange for the long term goal of comfort, safety, and a full stomach. They became a domesticated dog. Man’s best friend. That was the big picture. True long term success for a wolf.

This one wolf catapulted the entire wolf species forward in the evolutionary cycle. Give up short term thinking in order to see the path to your long term goals clearly. Be the wolf that was smart enough to become a dog.