Don’t Give Up

I know many of us set New Years resolutions for 2019 to exercise, eat healthy, and lose weight.

We’re now wrapping up the first week of January. The gyms were packed, we were all eating salad, and everyone was pumped up!

The motivation will start to dwindle soon if it hasn’t already. Next week there will be less people at the gym and less people eating those salads.

The challenge isn’t at the starting line. The challenge is at that point in the journey when you’ve left the starting line but the finish line isn’t in view yet.

When it’s easier to turn back and “re-start” another time. Next Monday, next month, next year.

If any of you are thinking about giving up after your first first week – I want to share something with you…

Picture #1 is me 10 years ago. Just a couple of months after my son was born. I was 230 pounds. Becoming a dad motivated me to finally lose weight once and for all. I was able to lose 85 pounds in just 4 months.

Picture #2 is also me. Taken just recently, on my son’s 10th birthday and the 10 year anniversary of me keeping the weight off.

It’s not only about finding the right motivation but it’s also about not turning back just because you can’t yet see the finish line yet.

Keep at it!