My Audiobook Is Available!

Today I heard a term that struck me right through the heart.

What was that term?

“Generational poverty”.

I was supposed to be a statistic of this. I was supposed to repeat the cycle of poverty. I’m the son of two people who never went to college.

My mom became a stay at home mom at 17 years old. My dad learned his blue collar machinist trade in the Navy after he was drafted for the Vietnam war.

We lived paycheck to paycheck and barely scrapped by. My parents didn’t even have a bank account. I’d go with my dad to cash his check at the liquor store.

My brother was stuck in the the revolving door of the prison system since we couldn’t afford a lawyer.

That’s how I grew up. Blue collar, working class.

When I found out I was going to be a dad, I was a 20 year old janitor cleaning a motel.

I was perfectly positioned to pass on the torch of generational poverty to my kids.

Many in my position would want a handout. Want their schooling to be subsidized. Or want something for free.

I didn’t.


Because I know it’s in the journey of working yourself up from rock bottom, with no handouts, that builds the character strong enough to break the chains of generational poverty.

I even wrote a book about it (as most of you already know):

But what’s even more awesome is that my audiobook is now available! If you already have Audible, you can listen to my audiobook for free. If you don’t have Audible, the first 25 people who use this link can listen to my audiobook for free!