You Never Know

My wife and I attended a wedding a few nights ago. We sat at a table with 10 other random people. Here’s what happened…


We ended up at the same table as a guy I went to high school with back in 1999 – literally 20 years ago.


He told me that he’d moved to America from Korea just before our 1st day of high school.


On the 1st day of school he was lost and didn’t know where his classroom was.


He happened to ask me if I knew where it was.


He said: Not only did I tell him where his classroom was and how to get there but I even walked him there myself just to make to sure he made it on time.

He went on to say: What you did for me was probably meaningless for you but to me it was my very first interaction with a schoolmate in America. Your kindness made a huge impact on me. I still remember what you did for me, even after 20 years.


He was right. I honestly didn’t remember it. But I was sincerely touched and moved by him sharing this story with me.


The rest of the night we talked, laughed, drank whiskey, discussed my brand new book, and had a great time.


So what’s the point?


Be kind to everyone because you never know what they’re going through. A simple act of kindness could have such an impact on someone that they remember it forever.


At the very least, be kind to people because hey, you never know, 20 years from now they might be sitting at your dinner table!