To My Son

When I heard you were on your way, I was terrified. I was only 21 years old. I was just a kid myself.

Because of you, I was motivated to leave my job as a janitor to get myself into a real career, in order to provide a good life for you.

Because of you, I was able to climb the corporate ladder in that career from the bottom to the top by the time I was 30.

Because of you, I went from being ten thousand dollars in debt to being financially free so you wouldn’t know poverty.

Because of you, I lost 85 lbs in 4 months so we could play baseball together.

Because of you, I quit smoking cigarettes so I can live long enough to see your children.

Because of you, I wrote a best selling book.

Because of you, I had finally found my ‘why’.

Because of you, my life had purpose.

Because of you, when I wanted to quit, I pushed even harder.

Because of you, I never gave up.

Every goal I’ve ever accomplished was never for me. It was always for you.

Happy Birthday to my one and only son.

You came into this world 12 years ago and you changed my life forever.