At the age of 22, Bowers was thrown the biggest curveball of his life. He was forced to choose which path he was going to take: continue the cycle of family poverty or break it.

Revealing the skeletons in his closet for the first time set the scene for how he got to the point of cleaning a motel for $6 an hour. Bowers’ detailed accounts of his turbulent and traumatizing childhood illustrated what it is like growing up in a poor, alcoholic, and abusive family.

The Mindset is an inspirational memoir of Ace Bowers’ personal transformation from janitor to millionaire. Bowers began his journey uneducated, overweight, addicted to cigarettes, in debt, and depressed.

The metamorphosis began as soon as he changed his mindset. Within five years, Bowers was able to completely turn his life around, going from trash to technology. The memoir illuminates step by step his unconventional path to wealth, health, and happiness.

Reader Reviews

"This book is a touching story that shows how one overcame his struggles. We all can relate to Ace in one way or another and while reading this book you'll find yourself analyzing your own experiences and habits that might need changing." -Advanced Reader Review

"I must admit I was originally curious to read this book to see how a Janitor got to Silicon Valley millionaire in five years...Surprisingly, this is not that kinda book, and in a good way. It takes you through a journey about the American family and the trials that they all went through and experienced. It was a very personal and deep book, and it helps to give you a better perspective on the struggles people go through and how you can never judge a book by its cover. I highly recommend this book and once I started I couldn’t put it down." -Advanced Reader Review

 "The Mindset...This is a wonderful book and I highly recommend it. Reading this book really inspires me to work hard and it shows how to keep the right mindset to succeed even when you are at your lowest times. I went on an emotional roller coaster reading this book. Every chapter contains a great message. No matter what you are facing in life, this book teaches you how to not lose hope. It is very powerful. " -Advanced Reader Review

"I enjoyed reading this book. The author depicts many vulnerable childhood memories. His childhood poverty gave him the drive to overcome and want a better life for himself. The book was very interesting and I read it from cover to cover within a couple of hours. This book would be a good resource for underprivileged students to read, to encourage them to rise above their environmental circumstances, and give them initiative and hope for a better life." -Advanced Reader Review

"Wow! This book resonates with my life so much. From personal issues at home to personal struggles. I came up from nothing myself and I own 2 restaurants now. I love this book. Quick read but not so quick to digest. I recommend this book to anyone who struggles to get by, for hope and encouragement. Classic story from rags to riches with all of lifes struggles. Thank you for this read!" -Advanced Reader Review

"This is the story of a boy lost, who found himself through love and family, 
and a belief in God, that became a very successful Man. It's told honestly and fervently with a very happy ending. A refreshing read in a world where so many boys in his shoes never find the right path." -Advanced Reader Review